Welcome To Our Customer Portal

Important Information:
All V25 Civil Survey Applications software programs (Civil Site Design, Corridor EZ, Stringer Topo, etc.) have a new licensing system. Your organization’s V25 license keys are stored in the new customer portal.

If you are running a CSA V24 (or earlier) product, please proceed to the previous Customer Centre.

Licensing Instructions

This article includes important information on how to access and set up your new licensing account, as well as information on how to manage license keys and add/remove users.

Installation/Activation Guide

This guide will provide you with an extensive overview of how to install and activate our software.

Licensing System Information

To learn more about the new licensing system and portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the details of the subscription manager and/or software co-ordinator?

The subscription manager/software co-ordinator titles have changed to ‘primary contact’ and ‘secondary contact’.

If you need to update these details, please complete the following form.

If I don’t choose to update now, how do I access information about my V24 license keys?

Within the new customer portal, legacy keys from V24 will be visible in the ‘Legacy keys’ column.